General Inquiries

Joining the SOAR Meeting Remotely

Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at the Ferguson Building in Willow Springs, Missouri.  If you are unable to attend a meeting in person you might want to attend remotely.    In future meetings we plan on having a toll free number.  Of course watching and talking via your computer is totally free.

Via Your Computer or Tablet

You may join this meeting online (on your computer.)  Cut and paste, or type this into your internet browser:


You may use your computer’s microphone and speakers – (a headset is recommended.)  You also have the ability to chat with us during the meeting – which will be displayed to the group.

Via Telephone or Smartphone

Or, you may avoid all the technology and  call in using your home telephone.  Your home long distance rates or plan will apply.  The number is: 

Cellular Smartphone

If using a cellular phone, including a Smartphone, your plan charges apply.  If you have a limited long distance telephone or cellular plan, there is no charge to watch/listen to the meeting on your computer or use your computer’s microphone to talk.  You could also join, watch and listen to the meeting on your computer and only call in when you want to comment.

You can download the app on your Smartphone.  Search in your app store under the nameand install it.  The app is very simple.  It will ask for the meeting id, which is .

Simplified list of essential meeting information

Meeting ID: 

Conference Call Telephone Number:

You are welcome to check this out and test at any time.  Try it on your home computer, download the app and try it on your Smartphone.  It is really easy to use once you try it.  There are tutorials online.